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Posted by:chuan
Subject:Starts, then stops with TCP error: socket returned EOF and other stuff
Date:22:42:58 19/06/2006

After about 2 minutes after the program starts up, I get this error:

Didn't detect any Cisco Discovery Packets, unlinking cisco dump Didn't see any weak encryption packets! unlinking weak file Sending termination request to channel control child 4565. Waiting for channel control child 4565 to exit. 0Kismet exiting

localhost:2501 TCP error: socket returned EOF, server has closed the connection.

I have the ipw2100 intel centrino card running Fedora Core 4. I have verified my card is in monitor mode with iwpriv. Is there some other setting I need to take care to get this to stay up? The card is fine as I can access the internet and network, Thanks.

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