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Posted by:beakmyn
Date:01:03:23 19/06/2006

> hi there
> first of all like to say hi to everyone here
> i am new to this..and need some info
> ok i downloaded kismet and have no clue how to get it to run ...i unzipped it and dont see any setup files or anything (yes i searched and read the how to)

Did you click on the Documetation link above and read that?

> also i am using a linksys router do they only send or can they recieve wireless from a outside source

That's called a bridge or a repeater depending on how you plan to use it. Some can some can't depends on the model. Contact the manufacturer to verify.

> i have a neighbour about 1000 foot away and he has satalite internet with wireless ..i built a wifi ant using a sat dish

And relates to your problem how? If your trying to use your neighbor's connection you may also want to contact the provider to ensure that sharing of the connection is allowed per the Terms of service otherwise you be spending time in prison for theft of services.

> any help be great
> thanks
> mike

Glad to help.

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