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Posted by:turnbui
Subject:zd1211 source?
Date:10:14:53 16/06/2006

> > can you tell me if there is a planned date for when kismet will support zd1211.
> > The driver from [.r77] does allow iwconfig wlan0 mode Monitor mode and airodump captures iv's.
> > Thanks for any info. Currently kismet-3.1.050815-1.mdk.rpm [Mandriva 2006.0] doesn't accept zd1211 as a capture source.
> See the documentation link above ? Click it and read section 12.
> Kismet has been able to use the zd1211 capture source since March 30 2006. If your distro packages old versions of Kismet, then either complain to the distro package maintainer, or compile the release from source.
> Dutch

Yee-Hah! Dutch. Sorry but I've been led astray by Mandriva. Much appreciate your help and not just giving me a blow off. I'm still a bit new to Linux and thought the distro would be up to date.
Cheers, you're a very very very nice man. [The swansong of the Automobile Assoc in the UK]

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