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Posted by:kyle01
Subject:ipwlivetap: can't get it to work with ipw2200 driver ver. 1.1.3 (unpatched)
Date:16:09:02 14/06/2006

Ok, I could solve the problem by myself... The error is very simple and lies in this line:


If I had read the manual more thoroughly, I would have known that the correct interface for ipwlivetap is ethX... I promise to rtfm next time :) with:


it works.

However, perhaps you could point out more clearly in the readme that rtapX is NOT the correct interface for ipwlivetap...

Apart from this, I have another little question:
When I am not associated to an AP and capture with ipwlivetap, I cannot see any encrypted packets in kismet (my wlan is set to wep). tcpdump and the little ipwstats tool that came with the ipw drivers show only management frames. As soon as I associate to my AP, I can see plenty of traffic on the network (encrypted packets). I can also see them with the regular ipw source in monitor mode.
Is it normal that the rtap interface shows only management frames as long as I am not associated? I know this is off-topic here, but maybe someone knows...


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