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Posted by:buk110
Subject:Drones & Clients & servers -- Please help
Date:20:09:00 12/06/2006

I'm sorry for posting such a stupid question on this forum; however, I'm really having a hard time finding information on setting up drones.

I think my problem may come from lacking a basic understanding of this setup and how it's supposed to opperate.

Please correct me if I'm wrong ; however , I was under the impression that one machine - preferably a desktop would sit somewhere and act as a Server. This machine would run the server and client, so the client would display information to me.

Then, I would have a few laptops running around setup as Drones and 'feed' the info back to the Server. Is this the case?

If so, could someone please help me with the setup? I've lookd for basic examples of the .conf files ; however, I'm not having much luck and after 3 or 4 hours am really getting tired of spinning my wheels - so to speak.

Thanks a lot for any help that could be sent my way....

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