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Posted by:cuillini
Subject:kismet works but no networks?
Date:19:27:54 10/06/2006

hi, I have a atmel usb card (linksys wusb11 ver 2.8). I have the card working perfectly and am able to put it in monitor mode via:
iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor

then I do:

ifconfig wlan0 up

after issuing these commands I am able to fire up airsnort and it works find. It sees my wireless router and captures packets from it.

however, after I start up kismet, it doesn't do anything???
in the main screen, I don't see my network at all, no packets nothing. The elapsed time runs. I have kismet server version 2005.04.r1. and I am connected to localhost

then when I quit out of kismet I see :
no networks found
no packets captures

so whats going on?

i installed kismet via apt-get then only changed two lines in the kismet.conf

1) setuid=to_my_username
2) source=atmel_usb,wlan0,addme

so whats going on why can't i see any of the networks?

thanks for the help

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