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Posted by:beakmyn
Subject:Kismet-2006-04-R1 not opening port 2501
Date:17:01:47 09/06/2006

Debugging Kismet_server for WRT54 and it doesn't appear to be opening port 2501 although it say it is. A port scan of the router reveals that port 2501 is not listed/open.

Perform a normal startup of Kismet_server on the WRT, it reports that the everything is good and it is listening on port 2501. On laptop I set up kismet client to connect to port 2501 on the WRT. Kismet client reports the connection is refused. WRT is fully operational and responds to pings, and list ports 80, 2947, 22, etc but 2501 is not listed. Kismet_server on the WRT reports no connection attempt appears to be an issue with 2006-04 version as 2005-08 works fine.

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