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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Enabling GPS in WRT54G
Date:20:13:19 08/06/2006

> Forgive my ingnorance as my brain checked out hours ago but I've looking into the various configuration source files and I'm trying to determine where GPS support is explicitly turned off/on in the source when compiling. Not the kismet.conf option gps=false
> I've got the openwrt buildroot which has all the necessary items to build/package kismet-2006-4-R1 which I've done and tested and it builds and runs on my router sans GPS support.
> So, what do I need to modify to enable GPS to be compiled in?

There shouldn't be anything disabling it. The abiliy to remove GPS support was, err, removed, on consideration of the actual binary size and the number of people who wanted it. The GPS enable define is hard-set by configure, theres no disable option.

> For whatever reason I can't get it compile outside of the buildroot as it keeps wanting to use stdc++ rather then uclibc++ but builds fine inside the buildroot.

Your configure stuff isn't set up to set all the environment stuff and alias commands to the uclibc compiler aliases


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