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Posted by:fried
Subject:ipw2200 driver in the kernel
Date:21:30:27 04/06/2006

> > > I've been successfully using the ipw2200 drivers from sourceforge for a long time. I remember having some trouble with the ipw2200 driver which came with the kernel in the past. This last time around when installing kernel I thought I'd give it a try again and compiled it in. According to the README it should be version 1.0.8 which I have successfully used with Kismet in the past. According to the README it supports monitor mode, however this kernel driver does _not_ support monitor mode and kismet won't work with it.
> > >
> > > What gives? Are they purposely distributing a neutered driver with the kernel sources? If I download the driver from and paste it into my kernel tree will that work?
> >
> > The drivers from worked for me after manually activating monitor mode:
> >
> > I just put the line
> >
> > #define CONFIG_IPW2200_MONITOR
> >
> > after the #include-statements in ipw2200.c and recompiled everything.
> >
> > versions: kernel, ipw2200-fw 3.0, ipw2200-driver 1.1.2 and ieee80211 1.1.13
> Are you using the ipw2200 driver that comes with the kernel source? If so, I'm confused because according to the README that version is 1.0.8. I have no problems with monitor mode if I separately install the ipw2200 driver directly from sourceforge. I was hoping to use the drivers that come with the kernel.

I did not try the driver that came with the kernel, sorry for mistaking You. However the option CONFIG_IPW2200_MONITOR exists in the kernel driver also. If 1.0.8 from worked for You, maybe give it a try...

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