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Posted by:m2mike
Subject:Kismet documentation is lacking.
Date:20:17:20 02/06/2006

> > Dragorn,
> >
> > Can you make time sometime soon to add more thorough documentation for Kismet? For example, what do the dots, exclaimations and pluses mean before each detected AP? What are all the options I have at the command line? What are all the options I have once Kismet is running. I know I can highlight an AP and press "i" to get more info, but I had to dig for that much info.
> >
> > Specifically, add to this url:
> >
> Obviously you didn't read the help which is built-in to the client, which it yells at you to read, every time you start it.
> -m

Is that -m what I need to use at the command line to view all of the options? How do I access the help? Do the instructions scroll by really fast when you start Kismet? Forgive me if I didn't see it.

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