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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Kismet-newcore and Signal Stength
Date:22:55:05 26/05/2006

> Hi everyone, i'm successfully using kismet newcore on my ibook with a broadcom (bcm43xx) card.
> Both client and server start but then when i detect a network (even a single probe packet from an unassociated client) i get some nasty errors:
> ERROR: while fetching link quality, arguments too long.
> (or similar, i do not have the ibook with me ATM)
> This error comes immediately after the line saying the new network has been detected, but prevents it from showing up in the networks list.
> I think it is related to the fact that the bcm43xx driver does not report the signal strenght.Is it possible in kismet to disable the signal strenght checking trough the configuration file (i read kismet.conf but found nothing about it) so it is usable?
> thanks

No. Something is broken in the broadcom drivers, sounds like, they shouldn't be returning that.


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