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Posted by:kripton
Subject:Install problems on Fedora5 (key problem)
Date:22:21:56 24/05/2006

> > Sorry, I don't know much about yum and Fedora, but isn't there an option to disable key-based-verification?
> Thanks for your reply.
> I don't know, how can I disable the verification, but I think the key is needed to install Kismet.

Yes, you seem right. As far as I researched, the key-check cannot be skipped or bypassed. The only thing I've read was that you have to import the GPG-key to RPM using "rpm --import". Someone mentioned the command "rpm --rebuild". I'm sorry I can't really help you but you could try reading the rpm manpage. seems to be quite what you need, pay attention to the "DIGITAL SIGNATURE AND DIGEST VERIFICATION"-section.

Good Luck!

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