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Posted by:Dutch
Subject:Failed to set channel 52 22:invalid argument
Date:16:39:35 19/05/2006

> everything seems to start fine, but when the gui loads, I get a TCP error saying it can't connect to tcp:2501. I'm running FC5 with an atheros a/g card w/latest madwifi-ng drivers.
> ---- kismet startup output
> Starting server...
> Looking for startup info from localhost:2501....FATAL: Failed to set channel 52 22:Invalid argument
> Terminating.

The error hasn't anything to do with the client connecting to TCP port 2501.

It looks like your card isn't able to use all the 802.11a channels. That can be due to the regulatory domain which the card is made for. It can also be due to a misconfiguration of your kismet.conf file.

Check the defaultchannels and sourcechannels statements in your kismet.conf file, and adjust them accordingly - Just like it says in the comment regarding 802.11a channels in the kismet.conf file.. ;)


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