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Posted by:kripton
Subject:first start from Italy
Date:13:22:06 18/05/2006

> 1) I run kismet under root. do i need a kismet user?

You need to run kismet_server as root, any other user doesn't have the rights kismet needs. After kismet has set up the device, it "throws away the rights" by "switching to another user", the one specified in the config. This user MUST NOT be root, this leads to the fatal error you get. Create a new normal user and write his name and his groupname to the kismet.conf file.

> 2) ifconfig -a give me the following output
> eth0;
> lo;
> sit0 IPV6 -in -IPV4
> Doese the wireless source sit0? or does my Suse doesn't work with my integrated wireless card?

Nope, the "sit0"-device is an IP-Tunnel, I don't see any wireless device there. Which one do you have integrated? And please post the output of "iwconfig".

Jannis Achstetter

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