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Posted by:robbyrm
Subject:first start from Italy
Date:09:34:15 18/05/2006

1) I run kismet under root. do i need a kismet user?
2) ifconfig -a give me the following output

sit0 IPV6 -in -IPV4

Doese the wireless source sit0? or does my Suse doesn't work with my integrated wireless card?


> I'm kind of new myself, but the suiduser option in the config is for the user you wan't kismet to drop to AFTER it has used the root privelages it needs. The idea is to drop the privelages of kismet, not to raise them. You might want to make a kismet user in your system for these purposes. As for the source, as far as I can tell, this is the most critical part in the config. In the documentation that you can find on this very site, is a section called "Capture Sources." Look here to find the source that best suits your chipset. You'll want to put that capture source first, then the device (you can find that by using the ifconfig command), then what you want to call this source:
> source=capturesource,device,name
> Then you should be able to run kismet as long as you have root privelages (you can either set the setuid bit using chmod, or use the sudo command. I find sudo to be easier and more secure).
> > I have installed kismet on a HP NC6220
> > When running Kismet i have the following message
> > Fatal: specifyng a uid-0 user for the priv drop is pointless.
> > I have edited the usr/local/etc/kismet.conf writing suiduser=root
> > but it doesn't work
> >
> > Another question
> > what i should write in
> > source=????
> >
> > Help please

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