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Posted by:l00ph0le
Subject:Looking for Good PCMCIA Card for Kismet
Date:13:22:13 14/05/2006

I have a dell true mobile 1150(orinoco card) that I used to use for kismet a while ago, However, I when I try to run the card now, I get a message stating that monitor mode is not support due to a buggy firmware.

I have looked everywhere for firmwares for this card but dell is very slow with firmwares. I even found a hexxed version of the orinoco firmware, but i cant get that to work either.. .

So now I am stuck with a card that wont work... Anyone have a link to a website that sells good cards for using with kismet. I dont want to have to go tooo crazy getting this thing to work either..

Any websites or suggestions would be helpful.

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