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Posted by:buk110
Subject:Using Kismet with a Proxim Orinoco with Fedora Core 5
Date:19:05:30 11/05/2006

Hopefully someone here can provide me with some help.

Let me explain the problem and then prepare for any possible flaming that could occur.

I am running a Toughbook and the on-board wireless was not what I wanted to use; however, I did have access to a PCMCIA Orinoco Gold Card. I had previously heard that the ORINOCO cards were a decent choice, and since it didn't cost me any money I figured it was worth while.

Now, after isntalling FC5 it came to my attention that the card was not noticed by the OS. So, after searching the message boards and using everyones favorite tool [ google ] , I came across madWiFi.

I got the kernel updates for FC5, downloaded madwifi and did the install. However, the card is still not being recognized. Now, I'm aware people could suggest to just use windows; however, that is not an option for reasons I don't want to get into....

Any help? Sugestions? Advice?

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