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Posted by:wildcat
Subject:kismet as distributed IDS
Date:07:06:47 08/05/2006

Thanks for Your reply!
About drones i know and i will use it,
> Your best bet for now is to use drones to disperse the sensors. Kismet-newcore has much better drone support and one of my targets for it was distributed IDS style stuff, so it also has dynamic drone adding, and the ability for the server to act as a drone so you can do "heavy" drones which have no local logging but which can run plugins, etc to take action.

Where i can find something like a documentation about new features in development tree, except of course changelog and source? :)

> Newcore is, as always, still under development (one step forward, three back it seems lately) but I'll be using the system this summer to do the wireless for the Hope conference and releasing the distributed IDS/AP system code soon after (for real, this time, since it won't be hacked up at the last moment).
> -m

It would be nice to see Your dIDS!
Ok i will try to setup my own dIDS based on kismet, because unfortunatly i don't have so much time for waiting Your release. :)


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