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Posted by:Xephyr
Subject:wispy-tools Compile help needed for Mac OS X
Date:01:17:55 06/05/2006

Compiling wispy_gtk is not so hard, but it will require you to type a bunch of commands. But don't worry: it works. I actually ran wispy-tools-2006-03-R1, using mostly fink. (Personally, I use fink and not DarwinPorts)

You'll need to install 3 packages first:
1- libusb
2- gtk+2
3- gconf2

once it's done, you'll need to make a bunch of symlinks. I did just that:

cd /usr/include
ln -s /sw/include/usb.h
ln -s /sw/include/usbpp.h
cd /usr/lib
ln -s /sw/lib/libusb.a
ln -s /sw/lib/
ln -s /sw/lib/libusb.dylib
ln -s /sw/lib/libusbpp.a
ln -s /sw/lib/
ln -s /sw/lib/libusbpp.dylib

Now, you need to set one environment variable to make sure GTK2 will be found.

export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/sw/lib/pkgconfig

Then, you're ready to run the configuration script.

./configure --with-gtk-version=2

Now you can compile wispy-tools. Just type "make". :D

And finally, you can double-click wispy_gtk executable. It might take a while to launch the application the first time, but it'll be fine after that. Note that you're not required to have Apple X11 running first before you execute wispy_gtk: X11 will be launch automatically. :)

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