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Posted by:siddolo
Subject:add know wep key, please help me
Date:07:04:55 05/05/2006

> > hi,
> > i know my WEP key and i wanna try to sniff with kismet.
> > my wep key (ascii) is: "alice"
> > wepkey in kismet.conf have this format:
> > wepkey=00:DE:AD:C0:DE:00,FEEDFACEDEADBEEF01020304050607080900
> > how i convert "alice" in this format?
> > thanks a lot
> Ascii means nothing. Wep keys are always hex. Different vendors convert it differently, you have to provide the hex key your network uses converted by whatever mechanism it provides.
> -m

"alice" could be "616C696365" ?

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