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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Machine hangs running Kismet
Date:17:26:51 04/05/2006

> Thanks. But I am curious that when I run ps, I saw 2 kismet_server processes running. One running as root and one running as a user process. Would the one running as a root process be capable of running in a spin lock or something trying to access some common resouces and causes the system to hang? If so, I would like to know how to debug that process. But I agree, it is likely a driver problem and I will go to check at the MADWifi driver forum ... Thanks a lot

No. Even a user process doing a 100% loop shouldn't be able to kill the kernel. If it DOES, thats a kernel flaw.

Kismet issues a small fixed set of commands to the driver, and it issues them in serial, not parallel. A system lockup is the drivers fault.

Read the readme section on security and privdropping to see why kismet has 2 processes.


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