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Posted by:jill
Subject:Machine hangs running Kismet
Date:17:21:13 04/05/2006

Thanks. But I am curious that when I run ps, I saw 2 kismet_server processes running. One running as root and one running as a user process. Would the one running as a root process be capable of running in a spin lock or something trying to access some common resouces and causes the system to hang? If so, I would like to know how to debug that process. But I agree, it is likely a driver problem and I will go to check at the MADWifi driver forum ... Thanks a lot


> > The problem seems to be worst with more cards running. Like now, i have 4 cards running for over a day with no problem. I suspect it is the kismet_server process running as root causing the problem but it's hard to prove as the system just hangs and there were no core dump or error messages logged. Is there anyway to put Kismet in debug mode such that it would log all the err messsages before the machine hanged? Any suggestions are welcome!!
> No. A user process cannot hang a system, all it can do is run high and use up resources. The closest thing to a system hang you can do with userspace is thrashing swap by using all available ram (very obvious disk thrash, and totally different than a system hang). The joy of a robust operating system is that userspace has limited power.
> If you're experiencing a true full system hang, where you get a freeze and have to power off, it's exclusively in the driver domain. Typically this occurs when drivers disable interrupts to get control of the system and then do something bad and cause a loop.
> Likely, theres a bug in whatever drivers you're using, and the chances of hitting it are increased when you run multiple cards. Theres no debugging to turn on in Kismet for this because Kismet doesn't know what the drivers do. It simply issues channel set commands and recieves packets.
> -m

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