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Posted by:jill
Subject:Machine hangs running Kismet
Date:15:37:19 04/05/2006

Hi fellow Kismet users,

I've been using Kismet for a year now. Recently I tried to run Kismet on multiple cards. And the linux machine would hangs running for anywhere between 3 hours to 10 hours.

I am using a PCI expansion box with 12 D-Link AG530 cards. The PCI expansion box is bridged to my Linux machine (a Dell) running Fedora Core 3, Kernel 2.6.9-1.669smp with 2 CPUs. I'm using the Madwifi-old-r1417 (dated on Jan 28, 06). This is supposed to be the stable driver on the old Madwifi code base. I am using the latest and greatest Kismet (i.e. Kismet-2006-04-R1 dated on Apr 13, 06).

The problem seems to be worst with more cards running. Like now, i have 4 cards running for over a day with no problem. I suspect it is the kismet_server process running as root causing the problem but it's hard to prove as the system just hangs and there were no core dump or error messages logged. Is there anyway to put Kismet in debug mode such that it would log all the err messsages before the machine hanged? Any suggestions are welcome!!

Thanks in advance!!


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