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Posted by:rsiles
Subject:Kismet/gpsmap wireless mapping capabilities outside US
Date:22:18:03 02/05/2006

Hi Dutch,
thanks for the update and patch reference!

To be honest, the real reason why I created it was because I didn't know about the Expedia patch you mentioned ;-) Apart from that, I can still identify situations where I would use one method versus the other.

For example, I would use, even with all the intermediate manual steps :-), when kismet/gpsmap is run from a Linux Live CD, and you're simply going to download a couple of maps. IMHO, it is easier to run than recompiling gpsmap, specially because the source code is not available inside the CD by default. This was the scenario where the script was developed.

I agree that for a customized compiled version of kismet/gpsmap I would use the patch instead.

Raul Siles

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