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Posted by:Dutch
Subject:Kismet/gpsmap wireless mapping capabilities outside US
Date:23:10:47 01/05/2006

> Hi all,
> is a basic Perl script I developed to download other worldwide maps from Expedia, based on the location information provided by gpsmap.
> This tool was developed for one of the multiple hands-on exercises of the SANS "Security 617: Assessing and Securing Wireless Networks" course. When the course is taught outside of North America, the script is required for the wireless warwalking range mapping exercise in which the students collect wireless information around the conference facilities using kismet and a GPS.

Not to rain on your parade, but why use an external script, with all the intermediate manual steps described on your webpage, when there allready has been posted a patch to gpsmap, which incorporates expedia as a mapsource in the program :

I'm guessing that the only reason dragorn haven't included it in the latest revision of kismet, either is because he didn't see that post, or to avoid having the Wrath of Seattle based Lawyers descend upon him.


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