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Posted by:gigi
Date:22:02:53 01/05/2006

> > HELLO,
> > problem I have is that Kismet after 5 minutes of running will stop recording data. The elapsed time is moving, the Madwif ch is hopping around but the packets stop , signalbar zero no moving and I can no longer see any new data. When this happens it's like the wifi card is turned off. If I shutdown kismet and start up airodump it will no longer see anything either. So to fix this problem I turn the card off (ifconfig ath1 down) and then back on (ifconfig ath1 up) and then everything is working just find again... till I run kismet for 5 minutes.
> Sounds like the drivers are broken.
> Try a different version of madwifi-ng, or try a different card, or try madwifi-old.
> Nothing Kismet can do when the drivers lock up and stop reporting packets.
> -m

hello dragorn,
thanks for your reponse,
i have make this change new madwifi-ng (1 may) , and i have change this (kismet conf):

chanelldwell=10 or 5
and all channells a disable

whit this configuration run perfect wowo a im happy :)

whit chanelldwell disable kismet stop recording after 2 minute. why ?
my card is d-link dwl-g520 108mps atheros G chipset

by excuse for my english is very poor :(

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