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Posted by:rsiles
Subject:Kismet/gpsmap wireless mapping capabilities outside US
Date:21:05:46 01/05/2006

Hi all,
as you know, nowadays it is not possible to use kismet automatic graphical wireless network mapping capabilities, provided through gpsmap, outside the US. The main reason is that Terraserver is the only available gpsmap source and it only contains US maps. is a basic Perl script I developed to download other worldwide maps from Expedia, based on the location information provided by gpsmap.

This tool was developed for one of the multiple hands-on exercises of the SANS "Security 617: Assessing and Securing Wireless Networks" course. When the course is taught outside of North America, the script is required for the wireless warwalking range mapping exercise in which the students collect wireless information around the conference facilities using kismet and a GPS.

In about two months, a new session of this course will be offered in London:
This is the last time this course is taught in a SANS conference this year, 2006, in Europe, so... don't miss the opportunity to attend!! ;-)

The script can be downloaded from:

Please, contact me with any questions, comments or concerns.
Raúl Siles

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