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Posted by:dninja
Subject:both error 7 and 22
Date:18:42:16 30/04/2006

> > That fixed it, the version in the package I used claimed to be the latest but I compiled from the version on your site and it started working.
> >
> > Can you give a quick explanation on what the two error messages mean? I've see the Argument list too long mentioned quite a few times so it would be nice to know what it actually means.
> Just what it says. Madiwfi-ng, in addition to totally changing how rfmon is triggered, added a ton of iwpriv ioctls. Kismet doesn't expect that many.
> Even if it did, it wouldn't work, due to the aforementioned change in rfmon mechanisms.
> -m

So it returns a list of params, more than the app expects so it bombs out.

It will be nice once everything gets in sync and stability is created.


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