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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Wispy and other cards.
Date:01:44:43 30/04/2006

> So, I stumbled onto the Wi-Spy dongle and its accompanying software and I was quite impressed. But, after seeing the Wispy open source software I wondered; what if I already have a wi-fi card? DO I really need the Wi-Spy receiver? It seems likely that you could use the Wispy software with almost any wi-fi card and get the same results.
> Has anyone tried/succeeded at this? If so, what cards have worked?

You can't do non-802.11 signal strength gathering with current cards.

There is no chance the wispy software will work on non-wispy devices.

The only commodity card which was usable as a spectrum analyzer was an old FHSS pre-802.11b card. There were never open drivers for it.


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