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Posted by:quantumduck
Subject:problem capturing packets with broadcom
Date:19:44:25 29/04/2006

I've been playing around with kismet on my wireless network at home, and i've run across an interesting problem:

I'm using an orinoco PCMCIA card to connect to the internet while i run kismet on my built-in bcm4309 card. My router is "secured" with WEP and i'm decrypting my packets on the fly. I can see everything my computer sends just fine, but I don't seem to be able to capture packets coming from another machine in my apartment - running on windows, using the same encryption key.

I noticed that the wireless card i'm using to connect to my router only supports wireless b - so I thought i'd try setting the router to b only mode instead of mixed. As soon as I did that, I started seeing packets from the other computer.

According to iwconf, my bcm is running in b/g mode... but logic would seem to indicate that i'm not catching wireless g packets. Is this a driver problem, a kismet configuration problem, or none of the above?

any information would be greatly appreciated.

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