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Posted by:cybertheque
Subject:Orinoco Classic Gold firmware downgrading problems
Date:22:20:48 27/04/2006


I posted this on alt.internet.wireless but I suspect that there is a
more skillful readership here; all help is _much_ appreciated:

I have been unable to flash an Agere branded Lucent
Orinoco Gold card to firmware versions less than
Primary Variant 1, Ver 4.00, Station Variant 1, Ver 8.10;
flashers abort with error message:

"your current wireless card is not updateable with this

Labels on the card:

Orinoco wireless networks Classic Gold PC Card
T/N 38V05968 P/N 026258/A
Encryption 128RC4
Agere Systems PC24E-11-FC/R
LT: 14E0210
5V 16bit
(S/N and MAC address omitted here)

I am able to flash to Station Ver 6.16 using the 'patched'
D-link flasher, however the card no longer receives signals
(no visible networks in Win2k, no signals using
orinoco_cs drivers (patched and native) in Linux 2.4).

Attempting to flash up to Ver 7.52 for example from
Ver 6.16 fails with with above message as does attempts
to flash down from Ver 8.10. The card came with
Station firmware 9.42 (perhaps volatile using Win2k
Miniport driver from Ver 8.10 package).

I can repeatedly flash up to Ver 8.10 and down to
6.16 (D-link flasher only for 6.16 -- 6.16 native flasher
reports "no wireless card driver found" and I can't find the
matching Win2k or Win9x driver anywhere on the 'Net --
in any case that shouldn't matter since the card
flashes successfully with the 'patched' 6.16 flasher)

Attempts to use 'patched' D-link flashers for
versions 7.52 and 7.28 fail with error:

"no wireless card driver found"

Changing the Miniport driver to Ver 7.08 and
client to Ver 2.18 using the Ver 7.52 package
makes no difference with either flasher for the
7.52 firmware ("no wireless card drive found"
error for the 'patched' 7.52 flasher, "your current
wireless card is not updateable..." error with
the native 7.52 flasher).

Was there a hardware change that makes earlier
firmwares incompatible? If not, how does one down-flash
on this card version?

TIA and regards,


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