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Posted by:juecker
Subject:Sending out Probe Requests
Date:00:00:38 24/04/2006

I know that this issue has been brought up before but I never found a real answer. Everytime I start up Kismet, I detect myself as a suspicious client sending out probe requests but never associating to a network.

If I issue
# iwconfig eth1 mode monitor

then run Ethereal, I see all the traffic that I would expect from my surrounding wireless networks. If I then startup kismet, I see all kinds of Probe Responses to my network card MAC (although I never see any requests).

I've tried everything that I could think of to get it to stop but nothing seems to work reliably.

I don't want to just filter out my MAC, because I don't want everyone else detecting me either.

I'm running kismet version 2005.04.R1 on kernel 2.6.13-15-smp with ipw3945 drivers.

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