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Posted by:beakmyn
Subject:Problem compiling kismet 2006-04-R1
Date:21:20:57 22/04/2006

> > When compiler comes to i get the error message
> >
> > g++:Internal Error:Killed (program cc1plus)
> > make: *** [kismet_server.o] Error 1
> >
> > I have Slackware 10 on my laptop with PCMCIA D-Link card (Atheros chipset)
> You probably need to either upgrade gcc, add more ram, or add more swap.
> Thats an internal GCC crash, nothing really to do with kismet, it's a gcc bug or the system ran out of memory.
> -m

Shouldn't be memory. It built fine on my 266 with 160mb of RAM.

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