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Posted by:sgurminder
Subject:wired to wireless bridge
Date:07:20:57 20/04/2006

> Hi all,
> I used pcap to develop small sniffer. After running it on Ethernet data link it shows me all the packets fine But when executed on
> using IEEE 802.11 interface, it again shows me Ethernet data link ( Ethernet interface is down)
> The AP associated with node acts as bridge between wired and Wireless.
> Kismet shows Type as Distribution to Wireless.
> I am not putting wireless card in rfmon but still it captures packet as in promiscus mode.
> Can anyone tell me how this happens ?
> Regards
> Gurminder

Hi! I got the answer,
The adapter driver or may be adapter of IEEE 802.11 has a filter which converts all the captured data packets to "fake" ethernet and strip of 802.11 header. It doesnot even capture the Managment packets. Also it will capture only single Channel and SSID. Therefore to capture 802.11 we have to make filter off.
Only putting in rfmon will capture all the packets on all the channels.
And then card will not be able to send any outgoing traffic.
Here is the link

Although it is all basic...but may be it can help somebody someday!!

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