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Posted by:Brian999
Subject:Identifying wlan driver version
Date:13:38:32 19/04/2006

In the FAQ is discussed the source type to use for the source capture. If a Prism2 card is being used with wlan drivers there is the choice of wlanng or wlanng_avs depending upon the version of the drivers (see below). How can it be ascertained as to what driver version is currently being used?

I've tried lsmod and modinfo but neither of those appears to report the driver version.

wlanng Prism/2 Linux wlan-ng 0.1.4 - 0.1.9
Capture interface: 'wlanX'
Wlan-ng prism2 drivers prior to the AVS headers.

wlanng_avs Prism/2 Linux wlan-ng 0.2.0+
Capture interface: 'wlanX'
Newer wlan-ng drivers support a new header type and
slightly different monitor commands to report wepped

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