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Posted by:wifreak
Subject:new to linux need help, questions/airo-linux
Date:06:31:28 17/04/2006

I am running Fedora Core 4, I didn’t build it myself just installed it straight from the CD with kernel 2.6.11-1.1369

My wireless card is a CISCO Aironet 340
and Im TRYING to use the airo-linux driver

I read the README that came in the package

If you are using PCMCIA in the 2.4 Kernel
1) apply the patch under the patch directory.
2) copy airo.c to drivers/net and airo_cs.c to drivers/net/pcmcia
3) Select the Cisco drivers from menuconfig
4) Make sure the following lines are in /etc/pcmcia/config:
device "airo_cs"
class "network" module "airo", "airo_cs"

card "Aironet PC4500"
manfid 0x015f, 0x0005
bind "airo_cs"

card "Aironet PC4800"
manfid 0x015f, 0x0007
bind "airo_cs"

I did every thing except step 1 (apply the patch under the patch directory.) and 3 (Select the Cisco drivers from menuconfig) because I didn’t really understand what they wanted me to do. I can start up Kismet and run it with no problems however, when I try to run airodump it starts up but I don’t see any AP's even though there are 2 next to me. I was wondering if there is a better clear cut tutorial on installing and setting up the airo-linux driver in Fedora Core 4/my current kernel and I was wondering if there is a way to test my card to see if its in monitor mode? Thanks in advance, I am new to all of this and google has been A LOT of help but I have finally hit a wall. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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