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Posted by:itsnotme
Subject:gpsd weirdness fixed in kismet yet?
Date:07:49:22 15/04/2006

> Have you tried tacking on the -K parameter to the gpsdrive-gpsd ? I know it is meant to keep the gps device open all the time, in order to work around USB problems, but it might also be able to fix the problems you have with Bluetooth.

[... appropriate soapbox rant- which I agreed with @ NS forums ...]
> Dutch

Yeah, I actually did. I fuddled around with a few of the settings and quite a few different versions. I'm not really quite sure whether the problem lies with the autobauding or with the GPS itself (or hell, maybe with ESR's modifications). I've noticed that the altitude and some of the other settings get negated out every other second so it seems that maybe gpsd is clearing it out, then setting it, then clearing it.

I'm fuddling around with the gpsdrive gpsd versions now. I haven't been able to drive around for a while now (damn NYS dmv), so I'll probably do more testing on it next week or so. If you use debian, you're not going to find gpsd with the gpsdrive package (I already mentioned this in the NS forums).

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