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Posted by:vaibhavgupta
Subject:ipw2200 radiotap avs
Date:18:58:46 14/04/2006

Updates on the same:

More details:

Using the wlan util for a prism chipset I was able to capture the following details:

AVS WLAN Monitoring Header
Header revision: 1
Header length: 64
MAC timestamp: 631380779
Host timestamp: 98736
PHY type: DSSS 802.11b (4)
Channel: 1
Data Rate: 11000 Kb/s
Antenna: 0
Priority: 0
SSI Type: Raw RSSI (3)
SSI Signal: 27
SSI Noise: 7
Preamble: Unknown (0)
Encoding Type: CCK (1)

Using radiotap via tcpdump for ipw2200: tcpdump -i rtap0 -w dump

Radiotap Header v0, Length 25
Header revision: 0
Header pad: 0
Header length: 25
Present flags (0x0000086f)
MAC timestamp: 0
Preamble: Long (0)
Data Rate: 1.0 Mb/s
Channel: 2462 (chan 11)
Channel type: 802.11b (0x00a0)
SSI Signal: -70
SSI Noise: 0
Antenna: 1

Here in the above radiotap header, there are a lot of fields missing:
I think the radiotap header should have 17 fields populated.

Also, I noticed that the timestamps, data rate, etc. really do not change within different packets.
The AVS header is more detailed and I would like to use the AVS header for the
ipw2200 if possible, else at least get all the header information in the radiotap.

Vaibhav Gupta

> Hey,
> I have been trying to capture the radiotap header for ipw2200.
> I was able to get the drivers and rtap working properly as documented
> and kismet is able to capture the packets properly.
> The problem is that I am still unable to see the radiotap header within the packets.
> Is there is a way I can enable AVS header rather then the radiotap? Also, how do I
> get the radiotap header within the dump packets.
> I have enabled the radiotap mode in the Makefile, and the rtap0 interface is up and running.
> I used the source=ipwlivetap,eth1,rtap
> Thanks,
> Vaibhav Gupta

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