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Posted by:Dutch
Subject:waypoint and gpsdrive
Date:08:24:28 14/04/2006

> > Hello!
> > So I´ve just finished installing Kismet with a Broadcom 4306 and it works absolutely fine.
> > It´s such a great tool!
> > I have only one question: is there any posibility to write the network state in the way_kismet.txt
> >
> > What I want, is that when I open Gpsdrive that I can see which networks are in which state.
> >
> > Can anyone help me?
> Take a look at the gpsdrive documentation for what you need to set up on that side. You need to compile it with mysql support and set up gpsdrive to connect to a kismet server.
> -m

I made a patch for kismet-stable-devel, to push the encryption state to the way_kismet.txt file, alas I did it before checking whether gpsdrive will display the correct icon for the different waypoint-types when NOT using SQL.
Gpsdrive won't display anything but the normal x when using the textbased waypoint files, so the patch, eventhough it works, won't help the O.P.

I'm posting it here anyhow, in the case that Gpsdrive at some time will allow the usage of the userdefined icons when only using the textbased waypointfile and not using SQL, or if somebody else is parsing the gpsdrive compatible waypoint file, and needs the encryption state.

=========Patch start=============

--- 2006-04-14 09:44:15.000000000 +0200
+++ 2006-04-14 09:19:36.000000000 +0200
@@ -2454,9 +2454,11 @@
wireless_network *net = i->second;

float lat, lon;
+ string cryptting;
lat = (net->min_lat + net->max_lat) / 2;
lon = (net->min_lon + net->max_lon) / 2;
- fprintf(in_file, "%s\t%f %f\n", waypointformat == 1 ? net->ssid.c_str() : net->bssid.Mac2String().c_str(), lat, lon);
+ cryptting = net->crypt_set ? "Y" : "N";
+ fprintf(in_file, "%s\t%f %f\t%s\n", waypointformat == 1 ? net->ssid.c_str() : net->bssid.Mac2String().c_str(), lat, lon, cryptting == "N" ? "WLAN" : "WLAN-WEP");


=========Patch end=============


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