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Posted by:acidblue
Subject:Patch for orinoco problems
Date:04:16:04 12/04/2006

Using FC4 and orinoco silver card(Lucent).
My card works fine otb.
Have to apply a patch for kismet.
so I applied the orinoco-2.6.11 patch.
patch p4 < /path/to/diff file
kismet won't run kicks error>>> Could not find monitor private ioctl.
iwpriv eth0 dosn't display 'monitor private ioctl'.

Also when i ran the patch 2 hunks failed, #1 and #3.
Other people have gotten thier orinoco cards to work in FC4,
for some reason I can't.

FC4 w/2.6.11 kernel.
Thinkpad 600x

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