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Posted by:Brian999
Subject:Wireless interface confusion
Date:15:27:58 11/04/2006

> I've noticed that when I use different wireless cards and issue the iwconfig command I either get eth0, eth1, etc... or wlan0, wlan1, etc... (at least what appear to be the most common) or sometimes a combination of both depending upon if I have more than one card inserted.
> I'm guessing that ethx and wlanx are selected based upon the chipset/driver combination. Is there a way to convert the wireless interface from ethx to wlanx or vice versa by using different drivers?
> I know with the Prism2/2.5/3 chipsets they default to wlan0 when the iwconfig command is issued since they use hostap drivers or wlan drivers.
> I'm a little confused here is all and I would appreciate some clarification.
> Thank you.

Okay, I've been doing some more research.

It appears that the default for any wireless NIC is ethx but for a device to show up as wlanx (a card with the Prism chipset) an additional package needs to be installed.

Sound correct?

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