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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Linksys WMP11
Date:16:00:48 10/04/2006

> I'm confused about something here.
> I have a Linksys WMP11 card that I THINK uses the Prism chipset. Everything I've been able to find indicates that it does use the Prism chipset and when I do an iwconfig it shows the nickname as "Prism I" (I doubt this is a reliable indicator of the chipset though) and the interface as eth0.
> I do an "iwpriv eth0" and monitor is listed.
> Since I couldn't put it into monitor mode using the Prism commands (or even start kismet for that matter) I tried uncommenting the orinoco line in kismet.conf and commented out the Prism line. I uncommented the orinoco line based on the appearance of eth0 when I did an iwconfig.
> I am still unable to place the card in monitor mode though. Any ideas? Thank you!

Prism != orinoco.

Use the prism2 drivers, like wlan-ng or hostap.


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