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Posted by:jhernandezdi
Subject:Not cloacked network but no SSID
Date:14:43:44 10/04/2006

Kismet says the network is not cloaked, however it doesn't show me a SSID entry in the dump files (not even the "typical" <no ssid> dummy value). Thats why I supposed that the AP was not sending beacons (or something like that).

Thank you again

> > kismet finds a non cloaked network but it has no available SSID (no <no ssid>).
> > Could the AP be not sending the beacon frames?
> It is sending out beacons, thats how you see it. Theres no SSID data in the beacon, thats the reason why it's a cloaked network.
> > In that case, I think I should wait for a client to enter that network in order to allow kismet guess the SSID, shouldn't I?
> >
> Yes. And Kismet doesn't "guess" the SSID. The SSID is sent with the packets from the client.
> > Thank you in advance!
> You are welcome.
> Dutch

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