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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:gpsd weirdness fixed in kismet yet?
Date:04:30:37 09/04/2006

> Yeah interestingly, I was reading the gpsd mailing list, and it was saying that Kismet was using an old measurement. They said that xgps supposedly used the better measurement so that it was more accurate. Fired that up, and it wouldn't even keep a 3d lock for longer than half a second. It'd switch between having the elevation and no elevation so that was defnitedly telling me that it was gpsd. I'm surprised, quite frankly, that they didn't decide to leave the speed setting in so that way you could override the autobaud problem.

Kismet uses the standard PAVM query that pretty much everything that uses gpsd uses.

The new gpsd has a continual output mode, however since I can't USE the new gpsd currently (as of my last test anyhow), and theres no reason it shouldn't work with the standard query, I haven't been concerned with trying to support it.


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