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Posted by:itsnotme
Subject:gpsd weirdness fixed in kismet yet?
Date:20:57:01 08/04/2006

> > I just recently installed kismet on my debian laptop, and ran across the gpsd weirdness stuff both here and on the gpsd website. I was wondering if kismet had been updated to fix the gpsd problems, if not, what was the last stable version of gpsd that worked with kismet?
> There isn't anything to fix in kismet to deal with gpsd problems. Gpsd is often broken. There isn't anything I can do about it giving bad info or not giving anything.
> -m

Yeah, I didn't realize that I was reading the dates wrong so I thought the last time the forum was posted was a while back. I need to smack myself in the head for thinking everybody uses the mm-dd-yy format. :)

I'm going on a pretty long drive soon, I was hoping to use kismet, so I'm wondering how everybody's getting around the gps problem?

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