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Posted by:rustyz82
Subject:Diamond HomeFree FCZHF-PC-CARD1M <-- What Chipset?
Date:03:10:51 06/04/2006

> I have googled this and can't seem to find much information on it. Am wondering what chipset my Diamond HomeFree FCZHF-PC-CARD1M uses. It has Part Number 40501202-002 on it. If anyone has a clue i'll take any suggestions. Thanks.

Update: I have checked the linux-wlan site and looked over thier list of cards but I can't find this card anywhere. Its made by Diamond Multimedia but unless its called something else on the list its not there. It doesnt seem to exist on Diamonds website either. From what I can tell they put out a line of WiFi products some years back but dropped them shortly after. If anyone has any suggestions they would be appriciated.

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