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Posted by:jsalter
Subject:signal strength per packet
Date:01:04:44 06/04/2006

> > My first question was about whether -packet level- signal strength stats were available. i.e, can Kismet report the RSSI associated with each observed packet. This can be contrasted to an overall level reported by the chipset, for which the heuristics are unknown.
> They are, if the driver reports it.
> >
> > My second question was related to what the overall level that Kismet -does- report actually means. I have extensive experience with this sort of thing on Windows, and what is reported on that platform is the RSSI to the currently associated access point. Given Kismet operates in passive mode, with no associations, where can we guess the figure is coming from?
> Kismet reports whatever the driver reports.
> The driver reports (if you are lucky) whatever the chipset reports. The chipset reports whatever the manufacturer of said chipset has deemed necessary. Contact Atheros in order to find out what and how they have decided to report per packet signal strengths in their various chipsets, then check the madwifi sources for how the driver interprets the data reported by the chipset.
> Dutch

OK, many thanks. It would appear madwifi_g is reporting some degree of packet level information.

Is my assessment that the per-packet signal strength information is not passed to kismet_client correct?

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