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Posted by:Flashpass
Subject:Not finding any access points.
Date:18:55:19 05/04/2006

> > Hello, bare with me as I am fairly new to the linux operating system. I am using the live CD of Knoppix Auditor and have a Netgear WG311v2 wireless card.
> >
> > When starting Kismet, no access points are listed. Looking at iwconfig/ifconfig things seem to be in order on wlan0. Using 'iwlist wlan0 scan', no results are returned. Many APs are found using the same live CD on my laptop, so they are present.
> >
> > It seems as though something simple is on a wrong setting for my wireless card, but I don't have the knowledge/experience to troubleshoot the problem. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could point me in the right direction.
> >
> > Any other info needed just ask. Thanks!
> >
> > -Flashpass
> Which chipset does that card use ? Have you configured your kismet.conf file with the right capturesource ?
> Documentation - Kismet readme - section 12.
> Dutch

Thanks for sending me off on the right foot. So, I found out which chipset my card is using, which is TI ACX111...and after referring to the documentation and searching the net a bit I found that those types of cards successfully run under the TI ACX100 chipset, which for Kismet is type: acx100. So just to clarify, from this point on, I would just edit the conf file capture source and would not have to do anything operating system related? And would this line change be correct:


Apparantly acx100 binds to ethX as opposed to wlanX which is it's current state, can I literally choose any eth interface and be successful?

Thanks again,

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