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Posted by:jsalter
Subject:signal strength per packet
Date:10:12:48 05/04/2006

> It's a relative measurement which may or may not be properly referenced to actual units (with a formula or otherwise) in the documentation (usually under NDA) for the chipset of the station. Most have only been given little attention in this area as it is not a requirement of the standard. You may have to form your own lookup table to convert the units, by comparing the reported number to the value measured by a spectrum analyser.. in an controlled environment with a controlled source (not a WLAN station).

I'm aware of the nature of RSSI - this isn't what my question was about.

Perhaps I haven't made myself clear.

My first question was about whether -packet level- signal strength stats were available. i.e, can Kismet report the RSSI associated with each observed packet. This can be contrasted to an overall level reported by the chipset, for which the heuristics are unknown.

My second question was related to what the overall level that Kismet -does- report actually means. I have extensive experience with this sort of thing on Windows, and what is reported on that platform is the RSSI to the currently associated access point. Given Kismet operates in passive mode, with no associations, where can we guess the figure is coming from?

Please, no more posts about RSSI being a manufacturer defined figure based on a transformation from dBm. I know this already, and it isn't important.

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