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Posted by:jsalter
Subject:signal strength per packet
Date:09:39:19 05/04/2006

> > Hi,
> >
> > From some searches of the forums it appears that Kismet does not and can not report signal strengths on a per packet basis.
> >
> > Is this the case for all chipsets? Is it fundamental to RFMON?
> >
> > Can you suggest any way, for any chipset, that I could acquire this information? Including driver level hacking..
> >
> > I am also not sure of the meaning of the power levels Kismet does report. Given that my card is not associating with any network when in passive mode, what do the figures from FetchPower() and FetchChannelPower() actually mean?
> Documentation - Kismet readme - Section 18.
> Dutch

Doesn't answer either of my questions. Just says something about the poor accuracy of RSSI in rfmon and the fact that the figures are manufacturer dependant.

Digging through the code further today it would appear that in fact, kismet_server is in fact recording the signal strength variables, per packet, but this information is not passed on to kismet_client. The serialization on the packet_info structure doesn't seem to include those fields. I'm not really sure why, but I'm hacking the source to make it so.

If I'm missing something and this is in fact passed down to the client somewhere, where is it?

Incidentally - my observation of the values through printf indicates they are relatively continuous and are likely therefore relatively accurate. This is using madwifi_g. I will probably have a better idea when I resume work tomorrow.

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